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No. Date Performance Name
21 2019.05 Producing Prototype of Fine dust Measuring Instrument for KETI
20 2019.05 Production of MPPT Charge and Discharge Controller for Green Energy Institute
19 2019.01 Production of Olfactory Training and Olfactory Inspection Devices with Feedback System for Chonnam National University Hospital
18 2018.12 Production of Sequential Injection Analysis System for Monitoring nitrogen compounds centered on inland forms
17 2018.11 Production of ASMR Sound Source Playback Control Board
16 2018.11 Development and Programming of Hybrid System Electronic Board of Small Cell Incubator
15 2018.10 Delivery of Production of Thermoelectric Element Experience Kit for KEPRI
14 2018.10 Production of Fine Dust Signal Light PCB for KETI
13 2018.10 Delivery of Self-Defense LUHERO Control Board and Battery
12 2018.10 Development of Self-Defense LUHERO Control Board Technology