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Fine Dust Reducing Device Using Microalgae

A fine dust reduction device(Air-Tree) that uses the principle of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen by microalgae, receiving wavelengths needed for photosynthesis from LEDs by using photobioreactor technology.

  • Using the principle of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen by microalgae

    • Removal of carbon dioxide and ultrafine particles below PM 2.5
    • Automated culture and convenient maintenance through the cultivating sequential flow microalgae.
  • Reduction effect of indoor fine dust and green-house gases

    • Effect of Microalgae photobioreactor is the same that 100 street trees reduce carbon dioxide.
  • Indoor landscaping improvement and advertising effect

    • Planning design and using advertisement suitable for creating indoor landscape in public spaces
    • Providing attractions by using microalgae with various colors and lighting from a photobioreactor
    • Sculpture effect and advertisement tower role performance through exterior housing