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No. Date Performance Name
11 2018.07 Production of Smart Charger Case for KETI
10 2018.07 Production of Small Fine Dust Signal Light PCB for KETI
9 2018.07 Delivery of Training Equipment and Apparatus for Chunnam Techno University
8 2018.06 Production of Exposure Distribution Board LP1 for KETI
7 2017.12 Production of Lighting Systems for Visitor Notification for Seoyeong University
6 2017.09 Development of Hybrid Power Pack Control Board Technology
5 2017.09 Development of Photovoltaic LED Security Light Charging Control System and Bms
4 2017.08 Delivery of Uninterruptible Power Supply System Control Board(50W)
3 2017.08 Development of Uninterruptible Power Supply System Charge and Discharge Board
2 2017.08 Development of IR Communication Operating Light LED Driver